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Dear Customer:

Introducing the TATEV Brand of Certified Walnut Gunstock Blanks

Shotgun made from Walnut Gunstock Traditional "Good Taste" in Walnut is a learned skill. Our goal, through our selection process, is your increased knowledge and your enjoyment from what we are presenting. We have implemented a set of criteria for our selection process which will result in the presentation of only the best grades of wood most suited for today's "Fine Guns". Our exclusive offering is from the Caucasus Mountains of Western Asia. The "TATEV Brand" is exclusively available at Old World Walnut. We believe that you will agree, after reviewing our selection process and our criteria, that "no finer Walnut Gun Stocks" are offered here in the USA.

Old World Walnut offers you the TATEV Brand of Walnut Gun Stocks. We believe you will find it to be of the highest quality possible. We exclusively bring you only the rarest blanks, which are hand selected by these criteria. First and most importantly they must have excellent grain layout for the greatest structural strength. Color is the second criteria and of the utmost importance. For example, deep rich chocolate, orange, red, golden or the rarest of all "blue-black". A mixture and blending of these colors is most pleasing. Circassian Walnut is known for being the hardest wood for its weight. We select only dense, small-pored wood. Lastly, figure in the butt section is where the eye focuses and it is of the greatest interest when selecting a blank. Each blank is meticulously selected for the appropriate layout, color, density and figure for specific types of guns.

Walnut Gunstock Blank

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that each and every blank of wood is dried and seasoned by our proprietary process. First, we air-dry the slabs, then the blanks, then each is finished to a dryness of 6%-8% in a mild condensation atmosphere. Each blank is then certified dry and ready to use.

By this process we are very proud to offer you our TATEV Brand of Gun Stock Blanks. Each is consistent, hard, colorful and highly figured, ready to be used upon you receiving it.

Traditional appearance, quality and dryness are combined with expert selection and service. Each blank is shipped within 1 day of receipt of payment, via 3-day priority mail, at no additional charge. All this means superior wood and service to you !

We look forward to your response to our offering and to serving your "Fine Gun" needs !

Bill Dowtin
Old World Walnut

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