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Introducing the TATEV Brand of Certified Walnut Gunstock Blanks

Shotgun made from Walnut Gunstock Traditional "Good Taste" in Walnut is a learned skill. Our goal, through our selection process, is your increased knowledge and your enjoyment from what we are presenting. We have implemented a set of criteria for our selection process which will result in the presentation of only the best grades of wood most suited for today's "Fine Guns". Our exclusive offering is from the Caucasus Mountains of Western Asia. The "TATEV Brand" is exclusively available at Old World Walnut. We believe that you will agree, after reviewing our selection process and our criteria, that "no finer Walnut Gun Stocks" are offered here in the USA.

Please read the following Terms of Sale and our return policy. We offer a three (3) day unconditional return. Your money promptly returned (less your shipping to return). No other return privilege is extended beyond our guarantee.

Walnut Gunstock Blank Our guarantee: That the wood will be replaced should you find a flaw which creates a mechanical problem with the making of the final stock, at our discretion after our examination of the stock. This is a RAW material and not a manufactured product.

I Agree to to the above Terms of Sale and guarantee.

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